Information about SchipChat

App Name:SchipChat
Size:38 Mb
Operating system:APK, IOS
Category:Livestream, Entertainment App, Earn Money
Address:3 8th St, Columbus, GA 31901, United States

Versatile entertainment applications are currently popular with young people. SchipChat is one such application, which has a combination of live streaming and online betting gaming. In addition, you can use the application to make friends, chat with other members here.

Introducing SchipChat app

SchipChat is an entertainment application for users over 18 years old. The application is based and developed in the United States, currently SchipChat has been present in many countries around the world. The application has also attracted a lot of young people to join in using it. Everyone participating in SchipChat will experience the live streams of famous and beautiful Idols and Streerers from many different countries. In addition, you can also become an Idol, a Streamer if you have talent and attract viewers.

SchipChat also has a lot of entertaining betting games. If you participate in using experience, luck .. then the opportunity to get rich from the game is very easy. Betting games at SchipChat have extremely high winning rates along with many great valuable gifts. In addition, the games on the application are all popular games, played by many people such as sports betting, card games, Poke… With a public, safe, transparent, reputable environment, it promises to be Bringing players a great service experience like never before.

We have been licensed to do business around the world. So people don't need to worry about anything. Watching live streams or playing online betting games is very comfortable. SchipChat also keeps everyone's personal information absolutely safe, professional customer care service, and all problems are resolved as quickly as possible. Everyone please trust and use the services here.

Benefits of joining the SchipChat app

Lots of beautiful and sexy Idols and Streamers

At SchipChat gathers many beautiful and sexy Idols and Streamers from many different countries around the world. All have talent, talk for hours and attract people to watch. Idol, Streamer perform Live Stream every day, with many different content, from singing, dancing, confiding… There are also many special chat rooms, where there are 18+ sex scenes for everyone to enjoy.

If the members at SchipChat are talented, beautiful and can attract many viewers. You can register to become a famous idol. When becoming an Idol, every Streamer will receive some money from SchipChat and users give gifts.

Wide variety of online betting games

SchipChat has many extremely attractive and popular online betting games. From sports betting to gambling… all have high win rates, simple rules, your chance to get rich is very easy.

In addition, at SchipChat, there are many offline games for everyone to entertain. The application also allows people to play games and watch livestreams every day.

Good service quality

Everyone who participates in SchipChat never experiences jerky, lag. The application ensures good quality, stable access network speed, from images, videos always ensure full HD, 2K, 4K resolution… True, vivid sound, livestream viewers every day. useful relaxing day

Safe, open and transparent

Personal information of users is always guaranteed to be safe and highly confidential. From images, videos or transactions on the application. The information is never disclosed to the outside or used in any practical way.

All transactions in the application are made publicly, transparently and completely free of charge, 1:1 conversion rate. The fastest and most convenient way to deposit and withdraw money on the app.

24/7 customer care service

Any SchipChat users who have any questions, please contact the customer service call center. The phone number is on the app, the staff will support everyone in the best way.

Above is what about SchipChat application information. Everyone who feels the app is right for them should join SchipChat. Guarantee you won't be disappointed.